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Here’s the buzz on what parents and educators are saying about the One Sentence Storybooks

“We love, love, love this set!! It is 10 little individual storybooks (similar to bob books for those that have learning to read readers) based on favorite Bible stories, that contain beginning vocabulary words with cute illustrations, along with a devotional activity to do together.” -Jenni

“My favorite part of these books was when I found my son reading the books to his younger sister. He may still be learning to read, but he became so confident in his ability to read these books on his own, he wanted to read them to his sister, just like his mommy reads to him. It was a very precious moment. I believe these books are a must have for any Christian home, childcare, or preschool.” -Charii23

“The author, Nancy I. Sanders also wrote 25 Read and Write Mini-Books That Teach Word Families that we use in our homeschool learning! I was so excited to get a chance to review this because I knew how amazing it would be, and it didn’t disappoint. Both of my sons (who are three and five years old) absolutely loved these mini books and it was nice that so many mini books are included, because they were able to share all of the books together.” -Kelly L.

“For such a simple set of books, ‘One Sentence Storybooks’ is full of function!!!” -Rebekka Drago. You can read the full review here.

“Have you seen the BOB BOOKS series for beginning readers? Well, the One Sentence Storybooks remind me of those in some ways, except they are more colorful, and are based on popular Bible stories.” -Victoria Stankus. You can read the full review here.

“The 10 stories came together in a nice paperback/cardboard case with Velcro, to keep the case closed when the books aren’t being used.” -Jill H.

“Usually beginning with the noun of a sentence on the first page with an accompanied design, the next couple pages add the verb and more phrases and clauses, building a complete sentence with repetition and artwork. The tenth page contains four pictures and matching words to the story, while the eleventh page has a Biblical truth to learn, a written out Bible verse to memorize, and a short prayer. The final page has three activities found in prior pages relating to color, an object, and a specific word.”
-connywithay. You can read the full review here.

“I love the soft, almost luminous paintings and find that my boys are drawn to this style of illustration too. The simplicity is also attractive, and I read all 10 books to my 3-year-old son in one sitting this morning. He enjoyed the suspense of the steadily building narrative and the growing detail in each picture. For example, my favorite of the set, “The Sad Son,” builds this way:

1. The sad son
2. The sad son came back home
3. The sad son came back home to his dad
4. The sad son came back home to his dad for a hug.

I thought this rendition of the Prodigal Son was so sweet and included just the right amount of detail for my wiggly, fun-loving preschooler.” -Emily Parrino. You can read the full review here.

“One Sentence Storybooks are designed to provide a rich beginning reader experience for children between the ages of three and six.” -Elizabeth MacKinney in the Examiner. You can read the full review here.

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