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Hi! My name is Nancy I. Sanders and I’m the author of these brand new early readers. Many times people ask me where ideas for my books are born. The journey of One Sentence Storybooks actually began a number of years ago. I had written three “Read and Write Mini-books” for Scholastic Teaching Resources that started to become very popular. The first one, 25 Read and Write Mini-Books that Teach Word Families, took off and became a bestseller for Scholastic with more than a quarter million copies sold to date.

Everywhere I went, from meeting local teachers to chatting with little children to school author visits to vacationing in London, I ran into teachers who used my Read and Write Mini-Books in their classrooms and kids who learned to love to read with them.

I knew something had clicked with the simple technique I developed by using four key words and building one sentence with them, chunk by chunk and line by line. Young learners gained the confidence and skills they needed to read…actually read…an entire little book all on their own.

Being a Christian and a writer, I’m always on the lookout to help little ones learn to love to read the Bible, so I longed for the day I could bring the success of my original books for teachers into the hands of young learners so they could read Bible stories all on their own.

The day Focus on the Family and Tyndale Kids caught the vision to publish these little books for early readers was one of the happiest days I’ve known as a writer. And now it is my great joy to offer them into YOUR hands and into the hearts of your children.

My prayer is that each child will gain confidence and skills as they read them and that also the seeds of the Word of God will be planted in their hearts.

One Sentence Storybooks are vailable at your local bookstores and online at such sites as:

Here are more resources I’ve written to help YOU help your children learn to read (and write!) along their journey to learn to love God’s Word:

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Word Family -ale Phonics Merry-Go-Round Game

Word Family Phonics Merry-Go-Round Games


WriteShop Primary: An Incremental Writing Curriculum
Great for homeschooling families!


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