OSSB: Bible Animals

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One Sentence Storybooks: Bible Animals
By Nancy I. Sanders
Art by Hannah Wood

One sentence.
One Bible story.
One great teachable moment.

Each storybook contains beginning vocabulary words and charming illustrations as well as one devotional activity for parent and child to do together. All these elements combine for one outstanding educational and faith-building experience.

There are 10 Bible stories in this set including:
1. The Snake and the Fruit (Adam and Eve)
2. Noah and the Dove
3. Frogs and Flies (Plagues in Egypt)
4. The Queen on the Camel (Queen of Sheba)
5. The Ants (Proverbs 6:6)
6. The Lion and the Angel (Daniel in the Lion’s Den)
7. Jonah and the Fish
8. The Donkey on the Road (Birth of Jesus)
9. Bees and Honey (John the Baptist)
10. The Pigs and the Hill (Jesus Heals)

One Sentence Storybooks are available at your local bookstore on online at sites such as:

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